How many pupils will be in my child’s class?

Class sizes vary from year group to year group, but on average there are approximately 14 pupils in any class.

Most teaching classes have between 10 and 20 pupils but many groups are smaller, particularly in specialist subject teaching classes in the Senior Years.

Do you offer any financial assistance?

We offer means-tested bursaries. Applications should be submitted by December of the year preceding the entry year.

Find out more about our means-tested bursaries here.

How much are the fees?

Details on the nursery fees can be found here.

Meanwhile Junior and Senior School fees are available here.

What is the male/female split?

The split is roughly 50% female and 50% male.

What are Wellington School’s entry requirements?


The Nursery is in partnership with South Ayrshire Council the majority of applications are considered at the start of the year, however, if there are places available, applications will be considered at any time of year. Prospective parents make an appointment to meet the Head, bring their child along and view the school.

Primary 1 to 6

At these stages there are no formal tests. Pupils are invited to come into school for a day to allow an informal assessment to take place with the appropriate class teacher. Previous school reports are requested and an interview with the Head must also be arranged.

Primary 7 to Senior 1

At these levels, pupils must sit tests in English and Mathematics, set by the school. Wellington School offers education to pupils within a wide ability range and the tests are based upon the syllabus used in most Scottish schools. An interview with the Headmaster must also be arranged.

Entry test guidance

Entry tests can be sent out to existing schools if parents approach their current Headteacher in advance. Allowances will be made for children who may have undertaken a different scheme of work. Tests can be undertaken at different times of year if places are available.

Senior 2 and 6

Entry to these levels is on the basis of examination results, interview and previous school reports.

Do you offer transport to school?

We are delighted to have partnered with StudentSafe to deliver a technology-led transport management solution. This new system has many benefits including increased safeguarding which is always our number one priority. We hope that this new system will also encourage more parents to use the service to help reduce emissions on the school run.

For more information, please visit our School Buses page of the website.

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