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Studying physics provides young people with a way to understand the world and learn how to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face, including climate, public health and poverty. It is also a gateway to a wide range of fulfilling and rewarding careers, both within physics itself and in other fields.

Learning Physics builds analytical and problem solving skills, and qualifications in the subject are recognised and valued by employers and Universities alike.

There are many who will say that Physics is “too hard” or that you must be gifted in Maths to study it. Don’t let these misconceived ideas deter you from studying in the fascinating field of Physics. Join us on a journey from the furthest reaches of the Universe to the most ground-breaking research in Medicine, Physics shapes the world around us.

Study Physics at Wellington and you will find a subject that; challenges you, fosters your creativity, is at the cutting edge of technology and at the forefront of modern society. Physics will shape the future, so why don’t you?