Teachers at Wellington really care for the pupils and we do all that we can to ensure that the pupils also care for one another.

As children grow up, it is important that they develop belief in themselves and the confidence that is needed to make the most of life. We encourage young people to show commitment in all that they do and always strive to be the best that they can be. Challenge is what helps us to grow as people and children, in particular, thrive on it, provided that they are not fearful of failure. Finally, encouraging creativity is the essence of much of what we are trying to achieve in education.


The approach of the school can be summarised in five key themes:

  • Care

  • Creativity

  • Challenge

  • Confidence

  • Commitment

  • 1

    • To seek to fulfil the academic potential of each pupil.
    • To provide opportunities to develop interests which will enrich life at school and beyond.
    • To ensure that the curriculum is appropriate for the world of the future.
    • To create the best learning environment for each pupil.

    Curricular aims

    Curricular aims

  • 2

    • To promote confidence and high self-esteem.
    • To teach pupils to act and think in an independent and resourceful manner.
    • To foster a good work ethic.

    Personal development

    Personal development

  • 3

    • To encourage pupils to have a caring attitude towards each other and the wider community.
    • To instil a sense of duty and to provide opportunities for service to the world at large.

    Good citizenship

    Good citizenship