Audrey Jamieson

Senior Early Years Practitioner

“I am a Senior Early Years Practitioner and I have worked at Wellington Nursery for 16 years.Our indoor nursery is often likened to the castles found in fairytales and our outdoor nursery has a spectacular wooded area where the children can immerse themselves in the wonder of nature. I am lucky to be in the privileged position of being at the beginning of a child’s journey, where every day they can be a scientist, an inventor, a mathematician, an author and an artist. It is a magical place to work.”

Helen Walkinshaw

Early Years Practitioner

“I have worked in the nursery for 32 years. To me Wellington Nursery has a welcoming, inclusive ethos. We aim to treat each child as an individual and to encourage their parents to be involved as much as they can in our nursery life. I love to see the children settle, gain confidence, make friends and develop the skills needed for future education. We love to have fun as we learn.”

Carol Gibson

Early Years Practitioner

“I have worked in our Nursery at Wellington School for 25 years. My last 8 years have been spent at the Outdoor Nursery. Our woodland is an amazing place for our children to play, learn and explore. The children learn to respect all living things, in a beautiful, natural setting. It is a fabulous place to work everyday. The best part of my job is encouraging the children to take risks and build their confidence”

Aileen Hamilton

Early Years Practitioner

“I have been an Early Years Practitioner at Wellington Nursery since January 1999. The nursery has a friendly, family, nurturing atmosphere with a very experienced and established team. It is a pleasure to observe the children’s confidence grow and be part of their important early years experience.”

Linda Fleming

Early Years Practitioner

“I have been an Early Years Practitioner at Wellington School Nursery for 15 years.
Everyday, as I come to work, I am still in awe of the amazing building that I work in.
I feel like I have the best job in the world as no two days are the same and everyday the youngest children in the school make me laugh.”

Gilli-Ann McKenzie

Early Years Practitioner

“I am an Early Years Practitioner and have been part of the Wellington family for the last 14 years. I have had the pleasure of working in both the Indoor and Outdoor environments, where I have been able to observe children grow and develop to the best of their abilities whilst being supported by an experienced team of lovely ladies. The nursery really is a magical place, one day you may be going on a trip to the moon and the next you could be going on a bear hunt. Everyday really is a learning day when you work in the nursery! “