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Who remembers Health Focus Fortnight? Well, we are still basking in the glow of all our healthy endeavours! There was so much going on in the Junior School that week that we still have some fantastic stories to share with you. One of them concerns our Nursery children, who not only fully participated in Health Focus Fortnight but also embraced National Smile Month and bravely visited Lynne Thomson-Coulter, Dental Hygienist at Sandgate Dentistry.
The children were able to see, hear and feel the equipment in a way that assuaged all their fears of the dentist and helped build confidence. They touched “tooth pillows”, moved the chair into different positions and listened to and used the suction tubes which made liquid disappear mysteriously from cups. They were also welcomed by the tooth fairy and dentist bears.
This is a perfect example of a Wellington parent sharing their professional experience with our children. A useful learning resource for children at any stage in school, it inspires and educates simultaneously! Thank you to Lynne for hosting the Nursery children and if you are interested in hosting Wellington pupils in your place of work, please do not hesitate to contact the school.