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On a recent visit to the Primary 5 classroom, pupils were extremely keen to show off their designs for bike helmets. The class were inspired by their Bikeability sessions with Mr Ness and Miss Duffy; the class learned that one of the most important aspects of road safety is about being seen and no one could ever argue that these colourful and inventive helmets are inconspicuous!

Both Primary 5 and Primary 6 have taken part in bikeability completing Level 1 and Level 2 respectively. Primary 5 have a good knowledge of all the components of a bike, safe handling, gear changing and signalling meanwhile Primary 6 have been out of the road! They have cycled on Blackburn Drive and Westfield Road and their learning culminated in a ‘Long Cycle’ today. Accompanied by staff, the pupils cycled from school to Greenan Castle and back – a ride of some 5 miles! By all accounts they had a safe and enjoyable afternoon.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]