We Raised How Much?!

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Craft Fair yesterday! If we were to name every trader and every company or individual who donated a raffle prize, this post would go on and on such is the talent and generosity of our community! Suffice to say, a very considerable sum was raised for Ayrshire Hospice. Thank you to Mrs Peters, Mrs McCrone and Mrs McMurdo for managing all things financial on the evening. In fact, they’ve only just finished counting the coppers and we are delighted to announce that £4041.46 was raised!
Every year, we sell an official Wellington Christmas card at the fair. The card features the work of a pupil, the winner of an annual competition.This year, our festive image of Craigweil House was painted by S2 artist, Carly Martin and you’ll agree that she captures this iconic building beautifully, especially since we haven’t been lucky enough for snow yet! You can buy ‘Carly’s card’ (10 cards – £5) and/or the Ayrshire Hospice Christmas CD ‘A Christmas Song’ (featuring Wellington pupils and staff) from the school office and at school events such as Parents’ Evening and the PTA’s Carol Concerts. All of the money raised will go to Ayrshire Hospice.
Thanks again to Mr Byers, 6th year (and some 5th year helpers!), Mr McCall (Ali) and Mr Dunlop (Alan) for their commitment to making the Craft Fair a success – it takes a great deal of planning, time and hard graft but in true Wellington style, when a challenge presents itself, we rally together!