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This week marked two landmark events in Wellington’s history: the final Junior and Senior School assemblies taken by Reverend Aitken. At Senior School assembly on Tuesday, Mr Johnson gave Fraser a warm vote of thanks and the pupils give him a fond send-off. This morning, Fraser addressed Drumley for the last time, and the children thanked him for his stories, prayers, humour, kind words, friendship and laughs. They also presented him with a handmade card which everyone had signed and in which there were lots of heartfelt quotes and funny memories. In fact, you can see Mr Aitken, Mr Cox and Mrs Lomas having a good giggle in the photo here below… We wonder which of the countless memories made them laugh?

‘I remember when Mr Aitken ripped his jacket off and he was wearing German lederhosen underneath!’

‘It was really funny when Mr Aitken cut off Mr Cox’s tie…’

‘I remember when Mr Aitken went to Burger King lots of times and got the crowns and put them on the heads of people at the front of the church.’

‘It was really funny when Mr Aiken threw out sweets in church!’

‘Rev Aitken made us laugh the day he sprayed us all with aftershave he found in his pocket!’

‘We love when Mr Aitken laughs at his own stories.’

As many of you know, Fraser is retiring – and we don’t mean in terms of his character! For years, he has delighted our pupils and staff alike bringing much joy, not to mention guidance and support when it has been most needed. Pupils said that ‘Mr Aitken makes me smile when I’m having a bad day’ and ‘I like it when he tells us bible stories because it really cheers me up.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Rev Aitken has been invited back to Drumley, as guest of honour, for a garden party in the Summer Term. Naturally, he was thrilled at the invite.

One primary 4 pupil spoke for everyone in the Wellington community when they said ‘We wish Mr Aitken good luck and hope that only good things happen to him for the rest of his life.’