by Rachel Miller, Young Ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland


Hi, it’s Dyslexia Awareness Week and I am heading through to Edinburgh for the official launch of Dyslexia Unwrapped, Dyslexia Scotlands new website for children and young people. Dyslexia Scotlands Young Ambassadors have been responsible for producing a website that will help support young people – I hope you like it.


People with dyslexia are very good at coming up with new ideas, are brilliant at problem solving, can be fantastic at sport, have super communication skills and often have a high IQ.


Dyslexia can be finding it hard to read, it can be finding it hard to spell, it can be finding it hard to remember instructions and it can be when things just escape from your memory.


Dyslexia is different for every single person but it’s very important to remember that with the correct strategies in place you can succeed! The theme for Dyslexia Awareness Week is ‘Positive about Dyslexia’


  • We are positive about the skills and talents that children with dyslexia have.
  • We are positive that with the right support, children with dyslexia can achieve their potential.
  • We are positive that children with dyslexia can enjoy and be successful in education.


I will leave you with an interesting fact:

GCHQ is the part of the Government that tries to keep us safe from spies and terrorists. GCHQ employ a lot of people with dyslexia because they can be really good at cracking codes that others find hard!