Art Nouveau – Art Renouveau Virtual Exhibition

As we embark on a new ERASMUS project, Eurostronomia, Mrs Coontz and her colleagues in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Romania, Scotland and Slovenia have put together an exhibition of the recently concluded Art Nouveau – Art Renouveau project.

‘Welcome to the virtual exhibition Art Nouveau – Art Renouveau! The work reproduced here is the result of three years of collaborative work by young people in six countries: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Romania, Scotland and Slovenia.

Art Nouveau was a Europe-wide art movement at the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries. A century later, our students have been inspired by Art Nouveau in their own and each other’s countries. They have studied this pan-European movement and have reinterpreted it in their own way, using modern materials and techniques as well as rediscovering traditional arts and crafts.

During the three-year project, there have been 290 pupil mobilities and numerous staff meetings in our six countries. Impossible to convey here is the creative buzz experienced during these visits, the joy of spending time together and the depth of friendships forged across the continent.

We are very grateful to Erasmus+ for funding our Art Nouveau – Art Renouveau project and for giving so many young people the opportunity to work and have fun together.’

Click to View the Virtual Exhibition