Each year, the Support for Learning Department offers a range of workshops to assist pupils with their memory and study skills. The workshops are open to any pupil who wishes to attend.

Maybe the stress of exams gets on top of you?

Just don’t know where to start with studying?

Perhaps it seems impossible to remember everything you need to?

Quite often a small change in approach can make a big difference. One of the most common things Mrs Lees notices is pupils who spend a long time just reading over pages and pages of notes as their approach to studying and who are then disheartened with poor results as they spent an enormous amount of time studying in this way. The aim of each workshop is to add strategies and methods to the tool belts of pupils so that they can vary their approach and find ways that work for them.

The workshops are detailed below and Mrs Lees would encourage as many pupils as possible to sign up for them. You can sign up online by clicking on the relevant links here below or by visiting the the SfL Hub in Craigweil Lodge. All workshops start at 1.20pm in The Hub.

  • Monday 14th January: Memory skills  |  S3-S6  |  Register here.

  • Thursday 24th January: Memory skills  |  P7-S2  |  Register here.

  • Monday 4th February: Revision skills  |  S3-S6  |  Register here.

  • Tuesday 19th February:Revision skills  |  P7-S2  |  Register here.

  • Monday 25th February: Making a revision plan for exams  |  S3-S6  |  Register here.

  • Tuesday 5th March: Effective home learning  |  P7-S2  | Register here.

  • Monday 11th March: Coping with exam stress  |  S3-S6  |  Register here.

  • Tuesday 19th March: Knowing your strengths and using them  |  P7-S2  |  Register here

  • Monday 25th March:  Exam technique  |  S3-S6  |  Register here.