1x pair Walking Boots (broken in)
1x pair Walking Socks
1x Thermal top / tee shirt
1x Shirt
1x Sweater (woollen or fleece)
1x Walking trousers (warm; NOT jeans)

1x Large Rucksack (approximately 55-65litre capacity)
2x Strong, large plastic bags (to line your rucksack)
1x Sleeping mat
1x Sleeping bag (in a waterproof bag)
1x Personal First Aid Kit (Blister Kit etc)
1x Watch
1x Whistle
1x Map
1x Torch & spare battery (e.g. small Maglite or Petzl headtorch)
1x Water bottle (e.g. Sigg or strong plastic, to hold 1 to 2 litres)
1x eating utensils
1x bowl
1x Mug
1x Wash kit (small)
1x Waterproof Jacket
1x Waterproof overtrousers
1x pairs Underwear
1x pairs Walking socks
1x Shirt / Fleece
1x Hat (warm)
1x pair Gloves
1x Sunhat & sun cream (if appropriate)
1x pair Gaiters (optional)
2x Lunch plus snacks
1x Emergency food rations (NOT to be eaten until the end!)

GROUP KIT (to carry between the team)
Tents (2-4 person tents that must be suitable for carrying and not the single-skin “festival” type)
2 Stoves sets including pans & fuel
Lighters/matches (sealed in a dry containers or bags)
2x scourers
2x Compass (School can provide)
Plastic bags (for rubbish etc.)
Expedition food (Dinner and Breakfast)