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Have you ever heard about Mini Dukes or Junior Dukes? No, we aren’t talking about tiny hereditary peers here but instead, a pre-cursor to the ever popular John Muir and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Like these schemes, Mini and Junior Duke participants take part in a range of activities and challenges which foster an array of useful skills.
Children from P2 to P6 opt in to this scheme (Mini Duke Silver and Gold – P2 and P3 respectively and Junior Duke Bronze, Silver and Gold – P4, P5 and P6 respectively). All of the children who have taken part are to be warmly congratulated on their commitment and hard work in undertaking and completing 7 challenges of their choice – all of which encourage independence and self-motivation.
A special Mini Duke and Junior Duke Award Assembly took place in Drumley at the end of April, where the children who had completed the awards received their Mini Duke and Junior Duke certificates and badges. This was a very exciting for everyone! Awards were presented by the always smiling Mr Mooney, Wellington’s John Muir and Duke of Edinburgh Awards Manager and Teacher of Maths in the Senior School.
The children’s efforts also count towards a Duke House Cup. Mrs Lomas can announce that, for the moment, Nightingale have taken a convincing lead! However, there are still a number of children yet to complete their level which means that we will just have to wait until June to see who will win the cup!