Primary 2 had an exciting trip to the Amazon … well Amazonia, as part of their topic comparing how climates around the world impact of plants, animals and people.

We began by looking around at all of the marvellous creatures that live in the Rainforests. The exhibits were wonderful from colourful parrots, playful macaws to mighty leaf cutter ants and scary scorpions. We were lucky enough to arrive in time to feed the koi swimming in the river.

The highlight of the tour was the animal handling. First came the tortoise, not to be confused with the turtles we had already seen (toes and not webbed feet are the clues). Then came the python which was smooth and cool to the touch. It was also surprisingly squashy – the muscles needed to squeeze its prey. Lastly, it was time to don the protective goggles to handle the tarantula. It was very friendly as it turned out, giving everyone a high five in greeting.

We rounded off the trip with a visit to the interactive learning zone where we could play some fun games, whilst showing off our learning so far and picking up a few new facts.