Burns Celebrations at Wellington Junior School

Burns Season is upon us! Given that we are lucky enough to live only several miles from the birthplace of the infamous Bard of Ayrshire, it is only right that we ‘gie it laldie’ in celebrating Rabbie’s legacy!
The Junior School hosted a Burns afternoon this week and every year group took part. William Sheils, one of Wellington’s accomplished bagpipers, began the afternoon with a medley of Scottish tunes which set the tone perfectly. Primary 1 followed with their rendition of The Music Man and then Primary 2 delivered the Selkirk Grace:
‘Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be Thanket!’
There was a toast to Burns and then the children enjoyed a glass of Irn Bru and shortbread – one could say it was phenomenal! Continuing with the festivities, Primary 3 stunned everyone with their ‘Drumley Clan’ drumming group performances of Wee Man Fi Sky and Wi A Hundred Pipers (video currently on Facebook). Primary 4 then sang the comical Red Yo-Yo which begins like this…
‘Wee Ann took her Yo Yo, tae school she did go, though
She shouldnae hae taen it at a’.
It fell frae her haun and it rolled on the grun
And it went through a hole in the wa
Did ye find a red Yo Yo, red Yo Yo, red Yo Yo
Did ye find a red Yo Yo, wi a wee yellow string?’
For those who don’t know the ending, wee Ann’s yo-yo was finally replaced by her Granny! Sushanth, Isla, Tiffany, Lucy, Jamie, Rory and Amelie recited a selection of poems and from the P6 cohort, Naomi and Sophia sang beautifully. The whole class joined them in a haunting rendition of ‘Ye Jacobites By Name’ and to finish, everyone sang Ye Auld Lang Syne.
Do you think Robert Burns would be proud?!