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At Wellington School, we like to celebrate our children’s achievements. This does not necessarily mean passing exams, especially in the early years where examinations are thankfully a long way off! Every child’s own mini victory is worth celebrating but so is the conclusion of a successful year and that is why we give even our youngest children a formal Prize Giving Ceremony. At the Nursery Prize Giving, the children started with a song: ‘Welcome to Our Special Day’ which was enjoyed by an audience of parents, siblings, grandparents and staff. This year, Mrs Lomas, Nursery Manager and Depute Head of the Junior School, summarised the many activities the children have experienced from STEM week to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic held at our Outdoor Nursery. Prizes are awarded to every child from Nursery right through to P3 in recognition of their efforts and achievements throughout the year.

The photos on Facebook  show the Nursery and P1-3 prize giving events. We hope the children enjoy a long summer full of fun and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in August, perhaps most especially our new Primary 1!

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