The biennial trip to India is a landmark in Wellington’s packed international calendar. Pupils clamour for a place and everyone, at some point in the Senior Years, will have the opportunity to visit. Our partner school, St Edmund’s School, Jaipur, organised a festival this year at which Mr Johnson and Mrs Coontz were the guests of honour. The piece written about the event was featured in The Times of India and on St Edmund’s website.

‘St. Edmund organized winter carnival took place on 29th December 2017 in the school premises. The principal of Wellington School Mr Simon Johnson inaugurated the fete along with International coordinator Mrs Susan M. Coontz was the guest of honour. The Theme for the carnival was based on Rajasthan and West Bengal, which shows the culture of two very different states. Every class put up stalls with various items and contributed towards the betterment of the institution.

A wonderful day of fun for the entire family. Stalls, food, games, prizes, cakes, bouncy, face painters. The photobooth was a crowd pleaser with the instant entertainment… event not to be missed. The school ground pulsated with lively music and enthusiastic crowds.

Gaily decorated stalls welcomed the visitors. The stalls put by the students on handicrafts, showcasing their artistic and creative abilities through a variety of products were indeed a crowd puller.’