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At the weekend, Mrs Bowyer was impressed by Wellington’s Training Orchestra who were taking part in the Ayrshire Music Festival. In her words, they were ‘absolutely superb – I was very proud of them!’
‘Wellington Training Orchestra performed, under the direction of Miss Connell, in the ‘Anything Goes’ class at the Ayrshire Music Festival this Saturday. The children, who ranged from P3 to S1, both played superbly and listened attentively to performances from other schools. The adjudicator commented on the ‘strong string sound with great pulse and rhythmic control‘ and ‘rock solid rhythms’ from woodwind and brass. She loved the ‘great energy and enjoyment’ of the playing.
Two P3 children, Eva Cowan and Lewis Flynn, also performed in the Cello Army contributing to the superb sound of the 60 cellos on stage!’
Thank you for your warm report, Mrs Bowyer and well done to our aspiring young musicians!