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The New Edition of The Turret is Out Now!

Click the button below to read the latest copy of our packed biannual magazine.

The Turret aims to capture the essence of Wellington and while it is fun reliving the first 4 months of the new academic year, the task of collating all the stories is tricky! We know we have missed out many events and achievements but if you feel that we really should have given something a mention, please get in touch and we will seek to cover your story elsewhere (social media, this website or even in the next edition of the magazine!).

If you have any feedback, enquiries or requests, please contact Miss Bianchini via email or by telephone 01292 269321. Additionally, the school would be delighted to supply you with additional copies of The Turret at no cost so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Read the Turret by Clicking Here