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If you have visited the school since the start of term, you have probably noticed at least some of the improvements that were completed over a very busy summer.  The programme of work was extensive and every part of the school has benefited.  Whilst some of the improvements are highly visible, the nature of some of the upgrades means that they cannot be seen.  Generous thanks go to the Bursar and his team for achieving so much and for ensuring that the school was ready to open its doors for the start of the new session.  It is impossible to provide a full list, but look out for some of the following next time you visit:

  • Repointing of stonework at Carleton Turrets and the replacement of weathered mullions and lintels.  Some stonework was also completed at Drumley.
  • Landscaping of the Craigweil Lodge front garden, with lawns and new chips on the driveway. Picnic benches are coming soon!
  • Several areas of roof have been re-slated and repaired.
  • Fresh external paintwork around Carleton Turrets and Drumley.
  • Re-decoration and re-flooring of the main entrance and stairs of Craigweil House and of the main and spiral staircases in Carleton Turrets.
  • The fire escape staircase in Carleton Turrets has been transformed by a three floor mural by Graffiti Artist, Tosh O’Hara.
  • A dedicated fibre connection has been installed to enhance the school’s connection to the internet.

View the photos here

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