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The annual school show has finished for another year but what a show it has been! Ask anybody to name famous musicals and there is a good chance that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ will be on the list.  There is no question that it is a complete classic with musical numbers that leave the audience with goosebumps.

Wellington School shows have always been of a high standard but these consistent results should not be taken for granted. Months of rehearsals take place, led by our Director of Music (and Show Director), Mr Haggerty, along with Michelle Martin (Assistant Director) Mr Robinson (Stage Manager), Mrs Bradley (Assistant Stage Manager) and countless other members of staff who work round the clock to help with production, costumes and backstage tasks. 

We were once again fortunate enough to have a large number of talented pupils at the school, who want to dance, sing and act, which allowed us to have a double cast.  Both casts dedicate an inordinate amount of their time to learning their routines (under the meticulous instruction of choreographer, Heather Rennie) and lines, coming to school over the weekends and holidays in order to perfect the polished performance hundreds of us viewed just before the October Holidays. 

We are extremely proud of the whole Wellington community for investing so much time and expertise in the show and take this opportunity to thank you most profusely. However, without casts of inspiring young performers, we wouldn’t have a show at all so thanks to you for making Phantom of the Opera such a success!