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In September, Primary 7 were given the opportunity to participate in World Poetry Day. It is apparent that we have some creative and thought-provoking wordsmiths among us, as proved by the examples here below.

Primary 7 had a wonderful time building up to and celebrating World Poetry Day with their class teachers Mrs Clachan, Mrs Bradley and Miss McGowan. Pupils learned about the generic features of poetry but they also studied a range of specific poetry styles including kennings, concrete poems, haikus, tankas (thirty-one-syllable poems, traditionally written in a single, unbroken line) and cinquains (a five-line poem inspired by the Japanese styles of haiku and tanka).

They children enjoyed a productive poetry writing session with S1 where groups explored the theme of ‘Change’. Individually, pupils wrote powerful poems in a variety of styles taking inspiration from ‘Photograph of a Child’ (see cover image above). Pupils were tasked with writing each verse from a different perspective. Verse 1 was to be written from our perspective, as outsiders looking at the child, verse 2 was from her parent’s perspective and verse 3 from the girl’s own perspective. Some pupils shared these poems at our special Primary 7 Celebration Assembly.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1542371201986{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]

These Bombers Will Pay!

Boom, crash,
Bash, bash, bash,
She’s as quiet as a mouse,
Or a little woodlouse,
Talk to me please,
You’re draining me to my knees,
Are you ok?
These bombers will pay!

This has torn me apart,
Like someone ripping paper,
My heart is broken,
Look at all the smoke,
All I can smell is dust from,
That big gust,
I hope she’s ok,
These bombers will pay!

Bombs please,
Stop shouting at me,
These bombs are pushing me to the ground,
Pound, pound, pound,
For the millionth time,
Maybe only nine,
Can I have some food?
The Germans are so rude,
I’m ok,
These bombers will pay!


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Piercing Blue

Sitting there like a turtle too scared to come out of its shell,
A book too shy to open,
A question to afraid to ask,
As the answer may be so dreadful,
That she’ll just become hazel brown hair,
And piercing blue eyes…

Did I make the right choice?
Sending her away from me,
Where she would be “safe” in the town,
But not in the big city,
My heart would not beat,
But can I ask the question?

Is everyone safe?
Will I be safe?
Will anyone care?
If …the bomb dropped here,
No…it can’t of dropped…there.

Sophia H

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The Heartbroken Girl

Like a drooping rose,
A tear ran down her button nose,
With eyes of jade surveying the sight,
All her happiness and love took flight,
Will she persevere the dooming twilight?

Our darling girl,
With tufts of curls,
Is she laying heavy as lead?
Our little girl might be dead,
We both said,
From the roar of shelling over head.

My Ma and Pa,
Are they safe?
The fire brigade found no trace,
Although there is a bit of lace
My doll and me,we survived,
But we thumped into a killer bees hive,
Where oh where are my Ma and Pa?


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Eliza, oh Eliza

Little girl freckled, rosy face with cinnamon short twisted hair,
Where are your parents, you are as quiet as a mouse,
Sitting next to a note that read Eliza,
Eliza, oh Eliza.

Where is our daughter, our treasured daughter,
All I can hear is her is her worried voice echoing through my mind,
Drip! The rain comes on, the rain was crying for her,
Eliza, oh Eliza.

Hello, anyone there,
I am as lost as a stray animal, all alone and agitated,
For the millionth time, Mum and Dad where are you,
Eliza, alone Eliza.


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The Girl in the Pink Dress

In a city demolished by a bomb,
Sat an upscale, unfortunate girl all alone,
If you’re quiet as a mouse you can hear her groan,
Who are you and where have your parents gone?

Crash, boom where is my tiny daughter?
Just her alone with that silly rag doll,
If you find somewhere oh please do call,
Where are you, at least find some water?

I am so disoriented, so afraid,
I have lost mummy and daddy,
Will I find them again?
I am still trying to get it into my brain,
Where are you parents, tell me, I prayed.

Sophia G

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